Living intentionally.

July 14, 2017 1:25 pm
Each day I wake up with a single word on my mind. Intention. It’s because it was the word I chose to define 2017. But also because the word itself affects so much in my life. 
For example, without intention I wouldn’t have boundaries between work and home. Or between my fears and my aspirations, and I’d have a heck of a lot more clothes in my closet, that’s for sure.
Three years ago I moved 36 miles to Fremont. It was a big deal at the time and it changed who I was on a subconscious level. As the years have passed, though, I’ve noticed some interesting things about who I’ve become. I love being home more than I like being out. I enjoy cooking meals for my family more than I fancy dining at the newest restaurant (not that there are many of those here). I love making with my hands like renovating my home or baking a delicious apple pie. 
I’m beginning to notice Fremont’s profound effect on the speed of my life. Sure, time still moves fast—it’s already the middle of JULY. But me, I’ve slowed down. I’ve relaxed. Which is something, those who know me know, used to be very hard for me to do. I’m enjoying the journey rather than racing toward the destination. Though, the latter is still true when it comes to airport related travel. Get me there as fast as aerodynamically possible. And on this journey, I’m witnessing so many wonderful things that I don’t want to forget.
So today I’m starting this journal. There’s no pressure here, just the grace of my everyday. That’s not to say I’m going to write each day. And I’m certainly not going to strain what I envision this space to be with a schedule. I only want a place to collect my thoughts and to grow. I feel I’ll post most about the random ongoings in my life. Things like cooking, our many renovation projects, travel, my feelings and aspirations. Who knows what else. 
Next year I turn 30 and I can’t wait to see how I transform during my next lap around the sun. Hope you’ll join me. To see more photos, follow me on Instagram.


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